At Rocky Mountain Mechanical, we’re proud to serve all your commercial HVAC contractor needs in and around St. George, Utah. Our team has been serving Utahns for decades, providing only the highest-quality HVAC services at affordable, transparent costs.

As a business owner or building manager, the quality and maintenance of your HVAC system is a very important consideration. It directly impacts factors like employee and client comfort and resulting relationships, which is why it’s so vital to have a professional HVAC team standing behind you in case of any issues that arise.

Our Team

When you call our Rocky Mountain Mechanical commercial HVAC team, you can rest easily knowing your needs will be filled by an experienced, dedicated HVAC technician. Our team has been serving clients just like you for over 30 years throughout Utah, working with only the best mechanical engineers, HVAC technicians and plumbing professionals.

We’ve handled every possible range of job out there, from minor repairs and seasonal upkeep to major system overhauls for large-scale businesses. Our business’s foundation is transparency and honesty, and we’ll never rest until you’re satisfied with a job well done.

Handy HVAC Repairs

In many cases, HVAC systems working sub-optimally may require nothing more than a simple, affordable repair from our technicians. We know how inconvenient it can for your HVAC system to go down or have issues, problems that may be noticed by visiting clients, and we’re here to keep this from happening to you.

Through our repair and inspection services, we help keep your overall heating and cooling costs down as well. We spot the signs of future issues before they take place, allowing for basic repairs that don’t break the bank and keep the system running optimally for years.

New System Installation and Upkeep

In cases where repairs are not enough to solve your issues, or if you’re looking to outfit a new commercial building with HVAC solutions, our team is here to help as well. We can set up any kind of HVAC system or alignment, including each of the following and several others:

  • Metal fabrication: A good HVAC system requires strong ducts, and we provide these from our own engineers, who use quality sheet metal to fabricate and build ducts in either round or rectangular setups.
  • VRF systems: We regularly install and help maintain variable refrigerant flow systems.
  • Dust collection and HEPA: We also handle setup of air quality components like dust collection and HEPA filters, which are important for maintaining good air and limiting the impact of allergies or asthma on those who work in the space.

For more on any of our commercial HVAC contractor services in St. George, Utah, speak to our staff at Rocky Mountain Mechanical today.

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