Controls and Building Automation

Adding controls and energy management systems to your building takes its value and operation to the next level. Technology is constantly evolving and advancing. Avoiding the implementation of these new advances can easily date your building.

Fortunately, adding automation is simple, quick and affordable. It’s an option available to every building and business.

Our team will help you get set up straight from the start. And with certifications in Niagara, Alerton and Johnson Controls FX, we can make sure you have the automation system that works best for your needs.

Niagara Certified

When it comes to integrating building systems, Niagara is the framework that brings everything together into one common user interface.

Our Niagara programmers are Niagara-AX and Niagara-4 certified and very experienced at integrating fragmented and disparate building systems regardless of the communication protocol or manufacturer.

Alerton Certified

Alerton Ascent is powerful building automation platform that allows you to monitor your facilities at any time and from any mobile device with web browser-based user interfaces.

Our control technicians and programmers are certified in installing and managing Alerton dedicated controllers, unitary devices and software. Together we’ll create a building that is smart, efficient and reliable.


Johnson Controls FX Certified

Johnson Controls FX integrates your building’s HVAC control with other disparate building systems such as lighting, access control and utility monitoring. We’re just as dedicated to the environment as you are. That’s why we support a system that helps lower your cost and environmental footprint.

Johnson Controls FX is also incredibly successful at protecting the things that matter most. The integrated and intelligent system will alert you when problems with your building’s HVAC system or other integrated systems arise.

Emergency Services Anytime

When emergencies occur, we’ll be there to help you out. Here at Rocky Mountain Mechanical, we offer 24-hour emergency care for all your HVAC and building automation needs.

While your automated systems will be able to tell you when your heating or air conditioning isn’t working, we’re the ones that will be there to fix it.

Installing Controls and Building Automation in Utah

We care about providing you with real solutions that you can use. With controls and automation, you can be sure that your building is always operating at its best.

For construction questions and needs in Utah, contact our team here at Rocky Mountain Mechanical. We’re with you every step of the way.