HVAC Construction

Your HVAC system is a crucial component of your building. For large commercial spaces, you’ll want an HVAC and mechanical team you can rely on.

Here at Rocky Mountain Mechanical, our skilled craftsmen are certified and experienced in every aspect of your building’s heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. From sheet metal fabrication to VAV systems to dust collection systems and everything in between, our team does it all!

Each component of these systems helps your business and home run smoothly. Don’t get stuck struggling with constant maintenance and care. Instead, let our team give you long-lasting HVAC and mechanical solutions for your building.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

When it comes to VRF systems in Utah, you will need more than just your average refrigeration contractor.

We have factory trained and certified VRF system installers with thousands of hours of experience on these complex systems. We design, install, start up, service and maintain all major manufactures of VRF equipment.

Our HVAC construction experience is unmatched when it comes to installing and maintaining VRF systems for your building. If you are looking for a VRF specialist, Rocky Mountain Mechanical is your contractor.

HVAC Construction

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our skill in sheet metal fabrication allows us to give you more affordable options for your building. We fabricate and build our own rectangular and round spiral duct in house using 21st Century manufacturing methods.

When you work with Rocky Mountain Mechanical, you can be sure that we’re involved in each step of the construction, down to the smallest parts, like creating custom sheet metal duct systems and components.

Dust Collection and HEPA Systems

It’s not enough for your air conditioning to just lower the temperature, it should filter out foreign particles as well.

Dust and dirt are easily picked up and transported through the air. Unfortunately, these particles have the potential to cause serious sickness and respiratory trouble among residents or visitors. More than 10% of people in the world suffer from allergic rhinitis, a condition brought on by dust mites.

In order to have a healthy work and home environment, it’s crucial to have dust collection and filtration systems in place. Filters and other elements will help control the amount of dust circling in the air and will reduce the risk of illness.

Schedule Your Utah HVAC Construction

Here at Rocky Mountain Mechanical, we take every aspect of HVAC construction seriously. We know that erecting a building in Utah comes with its own unique challenges. With our team, you won’t have to worry about compromising your needs for a standard system.

Instead, you can get custom work that fits into your budget and aspirations. Contact us to schedule a consultation.